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3 year old Chihuahua with loose Teeth?

My 2 year old Chihuahua is turning 3 at the end of may and she has 2 loose teeth in the front right corner of her mouth. Is this something to worry about or is this normal?

3 year old Chihuahua with loose Teeth?
Unfortunately, Chi's are one of those breeds who -genetically- have horrible oral heath.

While it is 'normal' for the breed to have bad gums, it is not advised to just shrug it off. If her oral situation is that bad where she already has loose teeth before the age of 3, I can guarantee that she needs a good dental cleaning.

Your best bet is to call your vet and set up an appointment for a dental cleaning (and laser gum treatment if they offer it) and for the teeth extractions.

ADD: If her loose teeth are darker that means they are dying. They need to be extracted before infection of the root sets in!

ADD2: While daily brushing is highly recommended and important to your dog's health, it should not replace dental cleanings preformed at your vet's office. Just like humans! We brush our teeth daily but also need to have annual dental cleanings... same concept.
Reply:I would call the vet and ask for their opinion...I have a chihuahua who is six and she stop losing her teeth when she was 9 months or so...good luck
Reply:Are they retained puppy teeth- or adult teeth? Do you brush her teeth? I would take her to your vet ASAP to see if these teeth may need to be removed- it can become a source of discomfort for her and also for infection
Reply:sounds like some gum infection and you need to go to the vet...the teeth need to be removed and some antibiotic is in order...dogs are no different than we are and the too can get cavities...

the next question is what is she eating? Eukanuba is the best food on the market for health reasons and for good coat, teeth and health. also stop giving candy or whatever...there are green treats (not greenies) that look like toothbrushes and you little girl needs to chew them for tooth care...

so go to the vet and get it all straight...and no raw hide chew sticks they jam up the intestines and then it can rupture and kill happened to my Bubblegum...i will always regret giving them to her...good luck
Reply:Well you should take your dog to the vet to be sure.
Reply:You probably want to take her to the vet. There's probably nothing major wrong with her, but the teeth should be pulled to keep them from rotting in her mouth. I don't think playing tug of war would have loosened her teeth, as long as you are playing gently with her. I have three chihuahua's and haven't had any problems with that. However, my lab did have problems with loose teeth when she was about 2, and she had to have one pulled. Just go a see a vet and cover your bases.
Reply:Periodontal disease is common, but not so much in a younger dog. Get her to the vet for teeth cleaning, he may be able to save her loose teeth. They now make a shot to help with this, it is called Porphromonas shot, ask your vet about this. My little dogs get this shot and it has slowed this disease down.
Reply:Take her to the vet. It could be several different things, but loose teeth is a sign of periodontal disease. Does she get regular dental care? It is something that a lot of people don't think about until they see symptoms. I made this mistake with my corgi mix. I did not have his teeth cleaned until he was 7 or 8 years old. His breath was worse than my other dog who was older than him. Low and behold, the corgi mix had periodontal disease that was pretty far gone. He lived to be 15, but had to have his teeth cleaned every year along with tooth extractions. Poor thing ended up having a total of 15 teeth pulled and it was all my fault for neglecting dental care for my dog. My other dog only had her teeth cleaned that one time and never had a dental issue again. I now have an 8 month old puppy who is a dachshund/corgi mix and I brush his teeth about once a week. Some breeds are more susceptible to oral problems than other breeds. Dachshunds and corgis are both known for it so I have to be diligent in his dental hygiene.
Reply:She is a bit young to be losing teeth naturally, ie - due to old age so she probably has gum disease and will need her remaining teeth cleaned and scaled - your vet is the only one who can do this as your dog will have to have an anesthetic in order to have her teeth done. The loose teeth will either come out on their own or you may have to have them taken out if they interfere with her eating. Playing tug with her will help the loose ones come out but it shouldn't normally have any effect on a dogs teeth.
Reply:It sounds like she is going to have premature tooth loss.

I would speak to the vet about what to do they will be able to help you.


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