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Why do crackheads loose their teeth?

There are also people who are addicted to meth which we call meth mouths. These people basically live for one thing getting high. Their life revolves around their next fix, not taking care of their teeth and themselves. Many times they will eat at any time of the day or night, if at all, which means that they have all of that food and bacteria sitting on their teeth for god knows how long. Also all of the chemicals don't help matters any. When your life revolves around a drug there does not leave much time for anything else. Not only crack heads lose their teeth any person who is so addicted to drugs that they don't care about any other thing in their life but getting their next fix.

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Do identical twins loose baby teeth at the same time?

They can, although the only identical aspects are the basic gene structure. The time that the teeth are lost depends on amount of wiggling, foods, oral hygiene, etc.

Do identical twins loose baby teeth at the same time?
not always, no.
Reply:not always
Reply:True, not always but you would be surprised just how insinc twins can be. My neices started their period on the same day. FREAKY!
Reply:No. im am a identical twin and no we did NOT loose our baby teeth at the same time.

-Danielle- (me)

-Liz- (my twin sister)
Reply:Not always. Their may be identical but are different person
Reply:no. they're identical but they're not one
Reply:was that a real question?
Reply:no not always all kids are diffrent
Reply:Though twins are very similar, losing teeth depends on multiple factors, and there is no guarantee that the teeth will come out at the same time. HOWEVER, they probably (but don't worry if they don't!) will start teething near the same time and develop similarly in some other ways.

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When do kids loose their teeth?

They start losing their front teeth about age 5 or 6. They keep losing the others off and on until they are about 12 or so. It's highly individual. They cut their last molars at about 12 and the wisdom teeth come in between ages 16 and 20.

When do kids loose their teeth?
age 3+
Reply:when u knock them out. about the age of 5
Reply:From the age of 5 or 6 right up till like 11 or so, it can vary from child to child. It depends on when the adult teeth are growing in and different teeth come out at different times. The front teeth, often the bottom front then to come out before the top and the back.
Reply:6 years old
Reply:Well they start loosing there teeth at like age 5 or six and it usually there front teeth lol well that my teeth to fall out my front teeth
Reply:About 5-8


Would you rather loose your teeth or your hair?

My hair! There are lots of cute wigs out there but fake teeth just are not cool!

Would you rather loose your teeth or your hair?
hair, i can still look stylish bald, but no way to work a bad grill!
Reply:hhmm......difficult question..teeth?
Reply:teeth, they are easier to replace and look better than false hair
Reply:i think that i would rather loose my hair. I dont know but to me a smile is everything.
Reply:hair because you cant grow new teeth but you can always grow new hair or wear a wig
Reply:my teeth...i can always get veneirs.
Reply:Teeth, for a dentist can give you dentures. Cheaper and easier to take care of.
Reply:I'd rather loose my teeth. I can get nice fake teeth that are better than the teeth that i have now.

Hair is what's most important.
Reply:My hair. It's cheaper to buy some bandanas, hats, and maybe a wig than it is to get good dentures. :-)
Reply:Hair. Much less expensive and I use it less. :)
Reply:let see false teeth or false hair

Just bop me in da mouth
Reply:That shouldn't be a choice.

I'm losing my teeth while my brother is losing his hair.

Go figure its like you can't win.
Reply:Hair. hats are easier to wear than dentures.
Reply:id take half and half

top teath stay so i can smile w/o you noticing my bottom teath r missing and ill just go part bald and have a doctor phil hairdoo!
Reply:Definitely wouldn't wanna lose my teeth.... Wigs are cheaper (and cuter) than dental work, so I vote hair!
Reply:Hair, It will always grow back. I do not want false teeth or implants.
Reply:hair...teeth...I DONT KNO!! i luv both!!

i've alwaysed wanted a wig anyway!

i ♥ my teeth. :]

x x x x
Reply:I don't have a problem not having any hair, as you can see.

And wearing dentures is not cool.
Reply:Teeth. I'll just buy some new ones.

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Will a poppy loose their teeth like kids do?


Will a poppy loose their teeth like kids do?
Yes, they have baby teeth too.
Reply:Yes. Mine lost several in my arm!
Reply:Yes, puppies lose their teeth just like kids. Although you don't always notice because they tend to swallow them.
Reply:Yes, puppies loose their teeth too!
Reply:they not supoust to
Reply:did you mean PUPPY

yes they have baby teeth
Reply:A puppy loses it's baby teeth.
Reply:Puppies lose their teeth just like kids do.
Reply:Puppies do loose their teeth

Poppies don't since they don't have any to begin with
Reply:Do you mean a Puppy? If so then Yes, I have about 5 of the teeth my puppy lost~ they have baby teeth too.
Reply:no poppy's don't lose teeth, they lose petals
Reply:no love, poppys don't have teeth, they are flowers. on the other hand, puppies do, and you will find odd ones around the house.


When You Were A Kid With Loose Baby Teeth..?

Did you wait for the tooth to naturally fall out on its own or you pulled (helped it) come out?

When You Were A Kid With Loose Baby Teeth..?
I would wait but I would love to wiggile it =]]
Reply:I always helped it a bit, but I waited until it was really loose!
Reply:Someone helped me pull it out b/c i always kept touching it
Reply:I waited for a few but my parents or my grandpa would pull the tooth out sometimes without me wanting them too.
Reply:Id push it back and forth and try to loosen it up.
Reply:I waited,I was scared..although my mom would play the trick where she wanted to "look" at the tooth and then try to flick it as fast as she could with her finger.
Reply:i pulled them.
Reply:I always waited but my grandma would say that she wanted to see my tooth then quick pull it out
Reply:i let it naturally fall out its self
Reply:id pull it myself
Reply:i would wait for it to fall out
Reply:I used to yank it out lol

Ewww I remember one time I had one really wobbly tooth and I pulled it out but then I pulled another one. So I had two gaps when one of the teeth wasn't even really wobbly in the first place.

Katie x =)
Reply:I'd wiggle it with my tounge till it just sorta came out by its self . I used to hate it when you could feel it scraping on your jaw .... it was like finger nails on blackboard.
Reply:I would help it along... that dollar from the tooth fairy was big stuff.

Do dogs loose there teeth?

They have baby teeth just like kids do. They usually begin to lose them about four months old. The reason some people might not know this is because when they come out, you don't see them and you don't even know they lost any. The new ones come in quickly right after the old ones fall out.

My pup is five months old and it's the cutest thing, he has lost the four bottom front teeth all at once.

Do dogs loose there teeth?
yes they do, but they are remarkable at how they are able to find them again!!!! Report It

Reply:only their baby teeth, now thats only if you play tug-a-war with them. They grow back
Reply:Puppies do and older dogs can if they are not taken care of properly. They will just rot the way a persons will.
Reply:Animals have baby teeth like we do, they lose those in the first year.

And they can lose teeth later on in life from age or bad dental health.
Reply:Yes, they can lose thier teeth when they get older
Reply:yes, i think i found one of my dogs teeth once, but i asked someone at a shelter and they said they did, they're really hard to find, and its not like a big deal to them like it is to us, not adult dogs, but puppies do
Reply:yes, when they are babies or when they get into trouble, my dog lost a big incisor from a struggle with something and i still have it
Reply:Yes they do but it only happens when they are pups. Any other time might be a problem there so you take the dog to the Vet to get checked.
Reply:when they are a baby sometimes they lose a couple teeth but not to many. If you are concerned you should maybe ask the vet.Your dog may especially lose some teeth when they chew on hard objects and pull.
Reply:Yes, especially when they go from puppyhood to adult dogs and when they become senior dogs.
Reply:Only their baby teeth. I no 4 sure cause i was playing tug-a-war with my dog and i found a tooth on the floor.
Reply:Yes they do.

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