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My 5 year old son's first tooth is loose.... is it too early for him to be losing teeth?

Also behind the loose tooth, there is another tooth growing behind it... is this normal? This has happened to so suddenly and hes got really cute straight teeth.... is this a problem already, or is going to need braces later on?..thanks :)

My 5 year old son%26#039;s first tooth is loose.... is it too early for him to be losing teeth?
The age of your son isnt really a big factor in his teeth loss. My daughter had a similar situation, except hers was in the front, where the tooth grew in before the old one left. Hers looked hidious and i was worried sick. The dentist just told us that it was time for the baby tooth to come out and he had her practice loosening it up, it wasn%26#039;t even a loose tooth yet! So then the old one came out and the new one grew in. Now weither or not he will need braces is something only a dentist will know for sure. Children grow and change so much as does their skull and facial structures. Most childrens teeth are a little crooked but like i said, a lot of things can factor into needing braces like accidents, wisdom teeth problems, and heridity that lead. Keep him brushing and to a dentist evey 6months and you will be on the right track for optimum dental health for your child.
Reply:No. It is a perfectly normal age to be losing teeth at.
Reply:No, this is very normal. My brother lost his first tooth when he was two. The tooth behind it is his big boy permanent tooth.
Reply:It%26#039;s not too early and, if he already has a tooth growing in behind it, the baby tooth SHOULD be loose. The tooth should fall out on it%26#039;s own and the permanent one will drift down into its place. It might help for him to wiggle the baby tooth a bit to encourage it to come out. Don%26#039;t worry - it won%26#039;t hurt anything. It%26#039;s perfectly normal to start losing teeth at 5. =)
Reply:I started losing teeth early like that. I also got teeth early as an infant (at a few months). My teeth are fine. I needed braces, but just on the front 8 teeth on top and bottom, not my entire mouth. I also only had them on for a little over a year. I also had almost all of my adult teeth by 8 started getting my wisdom teeth at 10 (12 year molars at 8)! The orthodontist wouldn%26#039;t believe my mom when she told him, until he saw them himself. I still have them with no problems, and I%26#039;m 26 now. I don%26#039;t know what they do with kids now, but when I had braces, a lot of kids had them on for years. I%26#039;m sure he%26#039;s fine. All kids are different. I knew one guy who had to get the rest of his baby teeth pulled at about age 18, and he%26#039;s fine, too. Don%26#039;t sweat it, but take him to a dentist regularly.
Reply:If another tooth is growing behind it, then I%26#039;d say the loose tooth is late for departure. I had perfect straight baby teeth and the same happened to me. So yes he will need braces. Start saving.
Reply:No it%26#039;s not to early..and the new tooth coming in is pushing the baby tooth out....nothing to worry about. It is however, a bit early to tell whether he%26#039;ll need braces or not. Got some years before that%26#039;s an issue...Enjoy your lil guy!
Reply:doesn%26#039;t really matter

nearly everyone gets braces later on anyway

the tooth is probably loose because the other tooth is pushing it out

I%26#039;d only be worried if his adult teeth have any problems

ask your dentist if your still unsure about these answers
Reply:It is the right time for him to be losing teeth and it is normal for another tooth to be showing already. The other tooth coming in is what pushes the old one out. It is too early to tell if he will need braces yet or not. I wouldnt start worrying quite yet.
Reply:OK what ever one here says will not have the right answer believe me . Because we can%26#039;t see the way you son teeth are . And what way the look. But you will have to just go to a dentist . You son will not be a scared . As long as you don%26#039;t tell him about a injection .
Reply:No that is the normal age


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