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Dog with rotten teeth. Must pull loose ones myself, any ideas that won't hurt him much? Please read on below.

My little dog has very rotten teeth, some have already fallen out, from the beginning, brushing has not helped at all. I have no money and my only option to not lose him to infection is to try to pull the loose ones out myself, but it's not going to be easy, I don't want to hurt him, but have no choice. Any ideas to put him out briefly or to numb his mouth?

Dog with rotten teeth. Must pull loose ones myself, any ideas that won't hurt him much? Please read on below.
You have a choice.

You're just being cheap.

If you can afford internet service and a computer - you can afford vet care.

Doing this yourself, and denying needed care to your dog is abuse. You should be ashamed of yourself.
Reply:No ideas. Sorry, this is a procedure that needs vet attention.
Reply:dont do something like that to a dog! just give him to the shelter and they can help them since you cant.
Reply:You've got to be kidding. Call your local shelter and ask if they can assist you in getting low or no cost vet care for your poor dog.
Reply:Oh my goodness....

You have to at least consult a vet to do this. If you do this without talking to your vet, you are going to hurt your dog in the most horrible way.

Who's to say he won't get an infection anyway?

Please call your vet... There are payment plans. There is also Care Credit. Look it up.

This is really cruel and unfair to your dog.
Reply:dont you dare touch them ................they will fall out like the others dont have pets unless you can treat them when sick etc........................................
Reply:If you want to get bit and hurt your dog in the process then do it yourself.

If you want the dog to like you afterwards, take the guy to the vet and do it the right way.
Reply:This is a very bad idea. If you dont' want to lose your dog to infection, you shouldn't pull his teeth, especially if you dont know what you're doing.

and to even think of putting him out without being a anasthesiologist is irresponsible and you'll kill your dog with a possible overdose.

Also, if you have no money to care for your dog, you shouldn't have one. you should go without before your pet does, and if you both need to go without, your pet needs to go without you lest he suffer as he is now.

and no brushing alone doesn't promote good tooth health. He needs the proper food, proper chew treats, and professional cleaning by a licensed veterinarian. to let his teeth get to the point they're rotting and falling out...

can you imagine if a mother allowed her child's teeth to rot? You think the excuse "I'm broke" would cut it????

You need to take him to a shelter and either see if their vet will take care of him for little or no cost to you, or turn him over.

Simply pulling rotten teeth is not going to solve the problem, its going to create more.

Shame on you for letting it get to this point simply because you're too selfish to get him the help he needs by any means necessary.

and don't blame it on the fact you don't have money. No one will feel sorry for you.

no money = unable to take care of yourself let alone a living creature.

if you can't care for it financially, you shouldn't have a pet at all.

and if the circumstances happened AFTER you got the dog

you should have thought ahead, or turned him over to someone financially stable.

I am unemployed due to a car accident with over $100,000 of medical bills, but my pets have never gone without. Even if I have to go without, I make sure my pets are taken care of emotionally, and financially.
Reply:are you kidding me you would actually do that to your dog! Given, i dont know your circumstances, but come on lady dont hurt your dog. Take him to a vet and ask if they can put you on a payment plan so you can slowly pay them back. Dont do that to yuo dog its abuse any way you look at it!
Reply:Not only is that inhumane but it may make your dog worse, he needs vet care and likely antibiotics as well. Spend some time on the internet looking up finding sources that you may apply for, ask your local humane society, apply for care credit. . . although this is a cat website check out the resources for veterinary funding section:
Reply:Are you kidding? First, I doubt you could get any teeth other than the front ones, then if you did manage to get any out if you leave any of the root in you'll have a whole other infection. Second if you did manage to sedate or whatever when the teeth get pulled there will be alot of bleeding. In that case you need a trachea tube or all the blood will be inhaled into the lungs. I'm sorry you have no money but maybe a local animal shelter will help out or at least go to a vet and get some antibiotics and maybe some other help?
Reply:Teeth rotting is a very serious matter. It's the number one health concern for dogs, the second being obesity. I'm not so sure that simply pulling the teeth out will help if the gums are infected too. I know you want to save money and everyone else is saying it too, but I really feel that going to the vet is the only way. Good luck with everything...

Would you pull your own teeth too or would you get your *** to the dentist?

Call the colleges near you and ask if there are any programs where you can take your dog for students to work on if you cannot afford the vet bill. You're still going to have to pay something I imagine but not near as much and your dogs comfort would be insured.
Reply:Bad idea. His mouth is full of nasty bacteria, and once you pull a tooth out, that bacteria will now have access to the bloodstream and will travel quickly throughout the body. Anytime a Vet does major dental cleanings, or has to pull teeth, he puts the pet on antibiotics to prevent this from happening. You will make your dog worse by pulling his teeth at home. And no, there is nothing you can give your dog to put him out. These types of drugs are strictly controlled so that pet owners can't get their hands on them to do "willy-nilly" home surgical procedures!
Reply:Would you do that to a child?... or yourself? Hopefully not! Take the dog to a shelter... only a vet is qualified to do something like that. A shelter can also EDUCATE you on how to properly CARE for your poor dog.
Reply:How did your dogs teeth get rotten in the first place. Next I would not attempt this. You really should go to the VET. He is the only one really qualified to pull teeth out. You dont want infection and your dog to die. Dont pull the teeth out yourself.
Reply:there's really no way to take him to the vet to get his teeth pulled out? and there must be some numbing ointment you can buy at a pet store to numb his mouth...otherwise it will hurt him...and make sure to feed him canned food so it's easier for him to chew...i hope your dog is healthy other than the teeth :)

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