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Do cats loose their teeth with old age?

My cats about 14 and I have noticed that most of her teeth have gone,her gums seem black yet she is eating ok.

Is this something to worry about or is it old age?

Do cats loose their teeth with old age?
Cats are not supposed to loose their teeth with age. If they do, it usually a sign of a problem, or periodontal disease. Something they may lose the tops of their teeth (the crown), but still retain the roots. I would recommend seeing a vet about a dental cleaning. They'll clean her remaining good teeth, and check for any problems under the gum line.

note* cats with dental pain show little or no pain, so if she's having dental problems she may not be showing any signs of pain.
Reply:yes. my cat is 13 and she lost some of her teeth. and my cats gums are darkish brownish so yes she seems fine
Reply:Only with advancing dental disease. Get A dental check up for kitty.
Reply:It sounds like your cat has a serious problem. Take her to an animal dentist or vet. I've had cats 16-20 years old and they never lost any teeth.
Reply:She has or had an oral infection that attacked her gums. Get her checked out. My cat is 17 and has all of his teeth.
Reply:simple answer yes they do loose their teeth due to age
Reply:my Grandma's cat was about 14 and she was losing her teeth grandma had to start buying soft food.
Reply:MY cat lost its teeth when it was about 8 so that was quite young for her!!! But it didnt stop her gnawing on a bone that was put out for the dog!!! You should have seen her dragging it in through the window, was really funny!! But seriously, any animal that is gettign on in years do lose teeth just the same as us humans do, so I wouldnt worry about it too much.
Reply:Yes my cat has the same problem.Not much you can do im afraid.I even have to mash my cats food for him but hes worth it.
Reply:All animals or any living this has a life span. At the end of the life span any living things loose everything and dies. Aging factor. Just like when we become old age we loose our eyesight, teeth we loose, we cannot hear through our ears, etc. Likewise, cats also loose everything as it becomes older.
Reply:Keeping teeth in cats is a good thing..however in some cases of sweeteners like foamy creamed milk or sweets that are addictive to cats. Ice creams etc, are all subjects to sources of tooth decay. Some cats love the sweet so much that they need it every week and as a result lose one or two teeth. At a later age the remaining teeth become weaker and may decay but you would know if this was a problem as the cat would not sleep due to the pain caused. Check with your local vet and get the run down. It might be a protein deficiency that can easily be regulated.
Reply:While cats can lose their teeth due to age: This sounds more like a possible case of periodental disease than an age issue.

Like humans, cats and dogs need good dental care to ensure that their teeth and gums are healthy.

Gum disease, is generally caused from tarter build-up. If the tarter is left without treatment, it will eventually cause severe inflammation and gingivitis.

However, continually left untreated these tarter build-ups created in the cats mouth will cause periodontal disease which is very painful for the animal.

This in turn leads to loose teeth, abscesses and infection.

My advice - I would take your cat to the vet, to have her teeth checked up.

Hope this helps!

I also provided a link about dental care for your kitty.
Reply:Cats don't lose their teeth with age -- usually through gum disease or gingivitis. But if your cat is still able to eat, she should be okay!
Reply:yer they do mine did and my friends did lol they manage to eat because they get used to it as they lose one tooth at a time so the gums toughen up...................... nope nothing to worry about its just old age my cat lived for another 5 years after losin her teeth so she should be ok but if your worried id go see your local vet see what they think .
Reply:One of my cats lost lots of her teeth and we didn't relies.

She started losing weight so I took her to the vets and that's what was wrong so we started giving her softer food and she lived a lot longer.
Reply:It seems to be normal, but if you're at all concerned contact the vets for advice.
Reply:Cats, like people, lose teeth for various reasons. I have had cats live as long as 24 years without losing any teeth. The most frequent cause of tooth loss in cats is the same as in humans - gum disease.

Cats need their teeth cleaned regularly which many of them don't get. However, if your cat is able to eat, then don't worry but keep an eye on her remaining teeth. If she loses them all eating could be problematic.
Reply:It does happen with old age, just like humans, but also if her diet has not been right, and she has tartar built up, again like humans, this will hasten the tooth loss. Why not take her to the vet to see if she needs remaining teeth to be cleaned.

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