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Do dogs loose their teeth when they grow old? Is this normal?

My dog is 17 years old ,of mixed breed, have been found to have lost its fangs in front and seems to have difficulty chewing its food.I also noticed that some of its teeth have loosen(seems to be).Does my dog needs vitamin supplement ?

Do dogs loose their teeth when they grow old? Is this normal?
Yes dogs lose teeth as they age. I had a poodle who had to have a most of her teeth removed due to poor health care by her previous owner. But she was as happy as could be with the few teeth she had. And she had fresher breath since her decayed teeth were removed.
Reply:it is normal for your dog to lose teeth, but i dont know when they're old
Reply:some breeds lose them faster then others. Wow 17 is an old dog, you must be doing something right. Do you get his teeth cleaned? He may be too old to undergo anesthesia. Just feed him soft food and call your vet. Good luck!
Reply:All the dogs iv had in the past, never lost their teeth, but for your dog, thats very old age, so i would ask your vet if i was you !!
Reply:Yes, it's somewhat normal. But, he needs a vet check-they might be hurting him and that's why he can't chew well. He might need some teeth pulled.
Reply:Yes. Most dogs don't live long enough for their teeth to wear or rot out, but they're really no different than us when it comes to tooth decay. Start giving him food that's easy to chew and be sure you have your vet take a close look to ensure no infections develop in there.
Reply:your dog is in a state of extreme old age. losing teeth is totally to be expected. he's lucky he has any left at all.
Reply:Perfectly normal. Ask your vet about the vitamins.
Reply:Yes dogs will eventually lose their teeth, just like us humans. But you can prevent them from loosing their teeth much earlier. It all depends on the diet and food the dogs get. It is also advisable to brush their teeth regularly. You can also get them dentabone which helps with the plarc and gingervitus on the teeth and gums. You can also get your dogs teeth checked regularly at the vet once a month to ensure they have healthy teeth like us. You can also give your dog Bob Martins daily which has vitimans that is required for them.
Reply:The dog is old, and just like people, their teeth rot and fall out. It's normal. 17 yrs is OLD!
Reply:my dog has started to lose teeth so maybe it is normal.
Reply:Dogs are like people in many ways. Yes they can lose them just like we do.
Reply:Yas that is normal! Generally most people dont experience theyre dog losing its teeth because they don't normally live that long! Your dog is 17 that is extremly old!! Just ask your vet about vitimans and just carry on the same! Be really careful and gentle with your dog. It is an OAD!

(Old age dog)
Reply:Yes, is normal, when you do its food try to cut so small it, so the dog can eat better....
Reply:Alot of older dogs do start to lose their teeth. As long as it can still chew, I wouldn't be too concerned about it. After all, it's seventeen years old! I would not start giving any vitamins at this age unless you check with your vet first.
Reply:feed canned food that is mushie. its totally normal for this to happen. its the aging process. Look at people as we get older things loosen up and we fall apart. a supplement wouldn't hurt but ask your vet first and get a reccomendation from him as to brand.
Reply:NO, your dog needs a VET for treatment! Proper care of the teeth would have prevented this problem with your dog. That's what VETS do, take care of animals.
Reply:cant add anything that hasnt already been said except for congratualting you on being such a great owner that your dog has made it to such a great age in such great health.

all the best to you and your dog

sue x
Reply:Yes, normal. i'm sure some supplements might help with his immune system generally. Also, you might want to try to give him soft foods from to yur vet on this as well.

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