Sunday, August 2, 2009

Is it ok if i pull my cats teeth when they are loose?

I am not sure if they are her baby teeth or adult teeth , I've never seen her loose any before or noticed them loose either it is one of her fang teeth and i do not have the money for a dental care vet.

Is it ok if i pull my cats teeth when they are loose?
I would go to the vet. You can cause an infection -- which may already be there if the teeth are loose. This sounds innocent enough, but time after time I have seen cases of simple infections that require $20 in antibiotics turning into nearly fatal internal infections -- the bacteria can move into the system easily from bad mouths. It is also worth it to start brushing your kitty's teeth. Good luck! (and try feeding soft food if your kitty is having teeth problems. Give him acidopholis to build up the immune system if you cannot afford the vet just yet. this can be painful for the kitty, so see if you can borrow a couple bucks in order to at least make your kitty comfortable)
Reply:no, please leave them come out on there own and they will when the cat is eating I'm very sure. Nature takes it course and just like when they are baby kittens, their teeth fall out on there own.
Reply:If she is under 6 months old,then they are baby teeth and will fall out on their own. If it's an older cat,I don't think it will appreciate you pulling it's tooth! You are very likely to get bitten if it's an adult canine tooth,as they have very long roots and it would really hurt.You can try calling around to find a vet that might accept payments.
Reply:NOO! dont pull the teeth!

if it looks like its in pain, take it to the vet.

if not, they'll fall out on their own. dont pull!
Reply:If it's a fang tooth she may have just knocked it and it will settle down in a couple of days.

I have pulled out baby teeth but only when they were actually dangling ( vet showed me how to do it)

If it is a baby fang it should be obvious as they are really tiny.

If in doubt consult the vet, infected teeth can cause major problems or even death in cats.
Reply:Dont pull out the tooth yourself unless you would do so also if it were your child..Animals have an uncanny ability to look after themselves hoever much you think they cant..It will come out eventually..If it does look sore always use salt water to ease any infection..this usually clears things up
Reply:I think it's so mean to pull cat's teeth......
Reply:i wouldnt worry about it... How old is she? if shes still a kitten then its pry a baby tooth and they are suppose to loose those.
Reply:No, take her to the vet.
Reply:NO do not pull them out! You stand the chance of making things much worse if the root breaks off while still in the jawbone.

Baby teeth will fall out on their own (usually before the age of 10 months). Adult teeth need to be removed professionally--so either save up for this or arrange something with your vet.

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