Monday, April 20, 2009

My 5 year old son's first tooth is loose.... is it too early for him to be losing teeth?

Also behind the loose tooth, there is another tooth growing behind it... is this normal? This has happened to so suddenly and hes got really cute straight teeth.... is this a problem already, or is going to need braces later on?..thanks :)

My 5 year old son%26#039;s first tooth is loose.... is it too early for him to be losing teeth?
yes your son is at the age when he should start loosing his teeth. My son would grow teeth behind his baby teeth and have 2 sets at the same time, then when he would loose his baby teeth, his adult teeth straightened themselves out perfectly. He now has a perfect set of adult teeth. You nor your dentist will know if your son will need braces until ALL his baby teeth are out. Don%26#039;t let them tell you different. My dentist told me my 8 year old daughter needed braces. I took her to an orthodontist and he said my dentist was wrong, she wasn%26#039;t even done loosing her baby teeth. Now her teeth are straighting themselves out as well.
Reply:My daughter started loosing her teeth at 6. Her adult teeth have always grown in first pushing out her baby teeth. As did mine when I was little. I don%26#039;t think it%26#039;s going to mean he will need braces, but many people do anyway.
Reply:My second son had the same thing happen to him. He lost his first tooth 6 weeks after he turned 5. If his baby tooth does not fall out soon, then call the dentist. His adult tooth moved nicely into place after his baby tooth feel out.
Reply:This is all normal. Make sure you take him for his regular dental check-ups and all should be fine. If there are any problems your dentists should catch them.
Reply:this is whn my son started loosing his teeth....
Reply:I was losing my baby teeth @ age 5.

heres a site that shows about what age they start loosing teeth and what areas in the mouth
Reply:This is normal.Everybody is different. I have 2 sons.7%26amp;6.My 7 yr old started to loose teeth @ 5. My 6 yr old hasnt lost any yet. We%26#039;re still waiting.
Reply:It is normal for kids to start loosing there teeth at 5 years old. The tooth behind that one is probably his permanent tooth and thats the reason for the loose tooth. Yes thats normal but if you have been taking him for his cleanings than they should have taken a full mouth x-ray. They can tell by that if he will need braces. Like if his permanent teeth are too big or maybe he has too many teeth. Just ask your dentist the next time you go about the braces.
Reply:Sounds fine to me. My daughter lost her first tooth this July when she was just 5. She lost 3 more pretty quick after that. Don%26#039;t worry if they come in a bit weird at first. His mouth will grow and they will settle. But he should be seeing a dentist. Just to make sure all is well..
Reply:My son lost his first tooth at 5 years old. He is 6 now and has lost 4!
Reply:The adult tooth %26quot;pushes%26quot; out the baby tooth. Soon the child will be able to feel the crown of the adult tooth in the gum tissue with his/her tongue after the baby tooth falls out.

Wait until all the baby teeth fall out and all the adult teeth are in place before you get braces. Adult teeth are a different size than baby teeth... so while you have two different sizes of teeth, or some teeth are not all present, a kid%26#039;s mouth will look somewhat awkward anyway.
Reply:5 or 6 is the right age. You wont be able to determine if braces are needed until around 11 or 12.

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