Saturday, July 25, 2009

Do your teeth become loose after putting braces on your teeth?

I'm 46 years old and just had braces put on a week ago today. My teeth are so sore and it feels as though some of them are loose. Is this what happens? Someone HELP me:)

Do your teeth become loose after putting braces on your teeth?
I can totally sympathize with you! I had braces for three years, and just had them removed about a year ago. That first week or two is SO painful!! The first week, I didn't even eat anything that wasn't soup or pudding! It will get better as you progress in your treatment. Your teeth will feel loose because they will be moving to their final resting spot. For the pain, try Tylenol. I was told my orthodontist that Advil has been shown to slow the movement of teeth, so I was told to only use Tylenol. Hang in there!!!
Reply:go to the doctor and c what s wrong
Reply:If your teeth feel that way it's because they're moving according to the way your braces were put on and they're going to feel like that when they're adjusted each visit to the orthodontist. If you feel they're loose they're not they're sensitive. They have Orajel for braces if the tingly feeling you feel bothers you too much it's a desensitizer and helps to numb the discomfort to a bare minumum. Sensitive toothpaste works to lessen the discomfort.
Reply:This is how braces work. They are moving your teeth, that's all. They will be loose for a few days after each adjustment visit and then they will tighten up a bit. teeth felt the exact same way. and to be honest, they'll probably feel that way each time they're tightened. its completely normal. your mouth isnt used to your teeth moving, and it does feel like theyre loose. but after about a week or so they'll feel normal.

stick to soft foods for now and youll do just fine!


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