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My teeth feel loose. What should I do? !?!?

My gums surrounding my front teeth have suddenly started to lower. On my teeth there is a yellowish line where the gum used to be. Its happened over 24hours. Teeth are VERY loose. Emergency dentist in 16hours. I need something to help it, Im afraid I wont have any teeth left! These are adult teeth!

Please help!

My teeth feel loose. What should I do? !?!?
GO QUICK! Your gums are wearing away and you have an infection in your gums. Sometimes they have to remove your gums (not very painful.) Get there fast.
Reply:sounds like u might have an infection or gingivitis... might wanna go to a dentist.
Reply:quite often the teeth aent actually loose. they just feel it coz of gaps between ur teeth n the motion of the tongue on them. hard to explain but its prolly just paranoya. the yellow should go with a good clean, unless the enamel has actually been eaten away, in which case the dentist will have to fill the gap or take them out.
Reply:Loose teeth are sign that something is wrong since teeth are not supposed to move. Regardless of the cause, these teeth must be treated to prevent further problems. The most common cause is loss of supporting bone from periodontal disease. As the bone melts away the teeth are no longer held well. The first step in preventing bone loss is doing scaling and root planing. After initial treatment, the tissue and bone are reevaluated to determine the need for periodontal surgery. If the teeth bother a patient, they can be bonded together to prevent movement (splinting).

Another reason for loose teeth is from accidents or trauma. It is very important to visit a dentist immediately after an accident. The dentist can often reposition the teeth into their original positions and hold them in place using bonding. Tooth movement can come from tooth grinding. The trauma from grinding can make teeth mobile. Many of these patients have a TMJ and headache problems that can often be successfully treated. Teeth can also become loose during orthodontic treatment. The pressure of the orthodontic wires widens the ligaments holding the teeth in their sockets. In most cases, this mobility disappears after the braces are removed.

Loose teeth can come from partial dentures being held in the mouth by hooking on existing teeth. The pushing and pulling on the anchor teeth can cause these teeth to become mobile. It can also be caused by a dental abscess or by osteoporosis. Tooth mobility is always a sign that something serious is happening and you should visit a dentist. If not, the continued movement can accelerate the damage to the supporting bone.

The cause of the loosening must be found and treated.

Treating the gum disease that has caused the loosening can firm up the teeth.

Teeth loosened by malocclusion (bad bite) can firm up when the bite is corrected by orthodontic treatment and/or replacement crowns.

The new crowns will fit over the natural crowns.

They will be made to correct the previous imbalance in the size and position of the teeth.

Teeth that are loosened by a grinding habit can be firmed by wearing a night guard, that fits over teeth and prevents grinding. It is usually worn at night.

Teeth loosened by a blow often firm up with time.

Resting the loose tooth is important.

Try not to chew on it for a while.

If these measures are not successful, the loose teeth can be stabilised by joining them to firmer ones, using a splint.
Reply:There are little animals and worms living in your teeth and they are pushing the teeth outward. Ok...I may not be much help, but when i was little that's what happened.

hehe :]] kidding.
Reply:your gums are not in good shape right now - i wish you luck - i have had loose teeth in the past and with proper dental care - ie gentle tooth brush hydrogen peroxide - flossing - gar ling - i had gotten them back to being tight.

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