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What do I do now that my adult teeth are loose?

I have loose front teeth but I wear a retainer every night. Do you think me wearing the retainer loosens my teeth. Do you think my teeth can tighten up?

What do I do now that my adult teeth are loose?
since you are wearing a retainer, that means you are trying to move your teeth in words. It will definitely loosen to move. After some time it will grip in when born forms.
Reply:Loose teeth are a sure sign that you need to see a dentist. There can be gum or bone disease which can lead to tooth loss. Maybe you're still in time to stop it.
Reply:For most cases the reason teeth are loose is due to the destruction of ligametns that are on the roots of your teeth due to plaque that is deep inside your gums. Unfortunately, regeneration, of these ligaments, for all all intents and purposes is impossible. There are some surgical procedures that can help for slightly loose teeth, but for significant tooth mobility it is most likely irresversible.

As for your retainer, in my knowledge and limited dental experience, it can cause several problems, but causing significant tooth mobility isn't one of them. See your dentist, although I believe he will recommend an extraction depending on how loose your tooth is.
Reply:Your teeth are actually moving, so yes they might feel a little loose until they are moved enough and settle in firmly.

Speak to your Orthodontist about it.
Reply:that depends on a few things:

how old are you?

did you have braces? when did they come off? how often do you wear your retainer.

do you see a dentist/orthodontist regularly?

if you are a relatively young person the tooth movement may be related to your braces/retainer. once your braces are off your teeth may be loose, this is why you need a retainer to hold them in the correct place. the body needs to rebuild bone to make the teeth stable again and this takes time.

so wear your retainer as much as possible. if you wear it off and on your teeth are drifting back into their old crooked place and when you wear the retainer it's pushing them straight again. so you are constantly loosening your teeth. if you wear it all the time they will get strong in their sockets in the straighter position.

if you are an older person you may have periodontal disease and would need to see a dentist.
Reply:butterfly9 answer is right. if you are older i would tend to think this is related to gum disease, but i'm guessing you are young and this is a retainer made for you by an orthodontist. if so, speak to him/her about this so he can evaluate the looseness and adjust the retainer as needed.

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